The Next Leap in the Science of Skin Care


Like any modern field of human endeavor, demands constant improvements and endless research to make current solutions more effective and more successful. The growing need for this research is visible in any layers-of-human-skincorner of the world, no matter if it covers consumer industry or some other area. But, unlike many other domains, medicine has to deal with one of the biggest mysteries in the existence – the human body.

As something that is both so commonplace and at the same time, such a big enigma, the human body seemingly never runs out of surprises and new discoveries. In spite of the fact that the same occurrence in the natural world began to be studied during the ancient times, it still possesses so many questions and unknown about itself. Modern medicine is focused on unlocking these mysteries and finding true answers, but the process of discovery is never an easy one.

Because of this need, millions upon millions of dollars go annually in a range of medicinal fields where they are spent with the purpose of finding the pieces to the jigsaw puzzle that is the body. Of course, all of these projects work on only a small part of the medical field and a separate element in the body, no matter if it is an organ, function or something third. But, among these projects; some of them are exclusively focused on the domain of the human skin. As the biggest single organ in the body, the skin has a range of purposes and functions, all of which are crucial for the normal day-to-day lives of all individuals.

However, skin is also something that people tend to value as an aesthetic element of their being, which is why so many desire to have the best possible state of their skin. This area is not directly connected to medicine, but at the same time, it shares many crucial findings and discoveries because it does have an embedded need to understand the human skin as best as possible. In other words, the need for scientific

research in skin care is a necessity because it allows the industry to grow and evolve. Here are some of the key advances that will come from the domain of medicine that will allow skin care procedures to become even better that they are now.

Kick-starting the Internal Mechanism

For a long time, the skincare industry believed that the needs of the skin have to be replenished by providing it with nutrients and other useful elements. While this is true, there is a new chapter of the same approach that does not simply provide the skin with the needed elements, but instead, tries to kick-start its own mechanisms that are designed to regenerate the skin. There are several ways how the medical research about this is conducted, but most use a form of light damage being dealt with the skin, which then triggers the production of collagen as a medium that repairs the skin. The same compound is also the same that makes the skin look young and toned. It is hoped that the research will provide answers on how to make therapies that are designed to, for example, get rid of acne scars, get a process that will gradually diminish the same scarring.


The need for scientific research in skin care is also evident when it comes to the use of new elements that are created on a daily basis. One of these materials is called Nanoparticles, which are exceedingly small individual parts of a compound. Because of their incredibly small size, these particles can penetrate the skin and the cells a lot more easily. Currently, they are being tested for procedures that are designed to be more of a precaution element, like infusing sun lotion with these to make them more effective against the sun’s radiation.

Smart Skincare Appliances

Instead of using the previous generation of skin care devices, there is a new line of a product being developed that will greatly enhance the user experience of these products. But having a working computer inside of them and a constant internet connection, these devices will be able to better adapt their output and this way, serve their owners in a more effective manner. Along with a dedicated database, they will also be able to provide users with a full log of their skin care activities and how they can be improved.

With this information, there is no doubt that the scientific research in many fields is actively supporting the skin care industry, which will continue to provide great results.